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May 1, 2012


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Instead of buying a gift for the birthday of my beautiful wife I decided to create one with my bare hands. As inspiration I used a post in reddit, you can look it up here.


Here are the results..


The whole thing without special effects.



A closer lookup to the flakon, a little note here, the image does not reflect the original appearance, the reality is more shiny.



Now some images with the first special effect, a red glow (I searched for a blue or white, which appears as light blue due to the blue fluid, but coukld not find any, but I think it works really good as a nice contrast).




The images where taken in a really dark environment so, some details are blurry or too dark in the pictures.


Finally an image with a very long exposure time (30 seconds) as the last special effect is only visible in really dark areas. So imagine this image in total darkness with only the light bluish elements in the picture glowing (they glow blue/lightblue).



I realized the last glow effect with night active color, NightTec-something, a phosphorescent color which glows blue in the dark (when charged with enough light). My first try was to dissolve the color in water, but the problem with it is that the color will drop to the ground as little particles, looks like fairydust (not the drug) but the water remains muddy.

The first glow effect is a simple red LED.


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